20 August 2014

Community Shares Member Organization Highlight

Community First was honored to be chosen as the Member Organization Highlight in Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee's July E-newsletter. Community Shares is a great organization that focus on workplace giving campaigns dedicated to social justice, animal welfare, and the environment. Learn more about them here and read the newsletter here!

19 June 2014

Meet Board Member Kori Schneider Peragine

Ms. Schneider Peragine is the Senior Administrator of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Fair Housing Council’s (MMFHC) Inclusive Communities Program.  She has been employed with MMFHC since 1998. She has a Masters Degree of Urban Planning and a Masters Degree of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Ms. Schneider Peragine’s knowledge of local, state and federal housing policies, their effects on regional housing markets, and resulting disparities has assisted her in developing Fair Housing plans for seven Wisconsin entitlement communities and Memphis, TN.  Her experience has led her to serve on the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s Advisory Committee for the Regional Housing Study as well as the City of Milwaukee’s Housing Trust Fund Advisory Committee.  Additionally, her collaboration with several Milwaukee area social justice and legal organizations has led to a recent HUD Fair Housing Complaint against Waukesha County, Wisconsin for discrimination based on race and ethnicity.  Kori lives in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood with her husband and three daughters.

09 June 2014

Meet Board Member Bill Perkins

I Chair the Program Committee of Community First.

I consult on affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization through Bill Perkins, Community Building Consulting, LLC.  I retired in March 2013 after 28 years as Executive Director of The Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development, which I founded in 1985.  Since then, I have organized and staffed on a volunteer basis a new statewide housing coalition of nonprofit organizations, local governments and public agencies, and private businesses known as Housing Wisconsin.

The Partnership is a private nonprofit corporation created to build strong neighborhoods and expand housing options for low and moderate income people through housing production, technical assistance and consulting, innovation and development finance, and creation of local housing partnerships.  By 2013, through programs and projects created, managed, or funded, the Partnership had helped more than 19,000 households live in decent, affordable homes.

Before founding the Wisconsin Partnership, I directed policy and program development from 1977 to 1985 in the Wisconsin Division of Housing and was Administrator of the Division for four years.  I co-founded the Community Resources Group in 1970, a private consulting firm that worked in neighborhoods throughout New England to prevent displacement of lower income residents and promote long-term residency.  Previously, I directed housing and neighborhood initiatives in the Community Development Office of the City of Cambridge, MA.

I live in Madison but have worked on housing and neighborhoods in Milwaukee since 1977.  When I'm not working on housing, I design and make furniture.  

04 June 2013

'Burgers and Birdhouses: Be a Part of Community First'

Thanks to everyone for coming out to support us at Community First's first fundraising event ever!  A special thanks to the Milwaukee Public Market and to all donors that helped make the night possible!